Saturday, November 17, 2007

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Nepali Tara II heats up


Nepali Tara II is getting ever more exciting as it is reaching its final stages. With only six more participants to go, the remaining singers are all competitive. Yesterday, another artiste got eliminated and the competition has gotten even tougher.

Among the six remaining participants — Surya Kiran Lama, Yuvraj Tiwari, Santosh Lama, Raj Sagar, Rojina Gurung and Tara Laksham — Rojina was the only remaining female participant. However, as she was adjudged among the bottom three along with Surya and Santosh, and eventually eliminated, this signaled the end of any hope of a female Nepali Tara this year as well.

A disappointed Rojina said, “I'm sad that I was eliminated and I should have gone higher since I was the sole hope of Nepali women.”

She also had some words of advice for the female participants of the next edition of the show, “I ask all the hopefuls to prepare well if they want to be adorned as the Nepali Tara. I really want to see a female Nepali Tara next year.”

The show got rolling as the remaining participants vying for the coveted title gave their performance for the round. The round featured national songs, and thus, the participants tried their level best to sing their chosen songs.

There were two guest judges for the round — Tara Thapa and Muralidhar — apart from the permanent judge Deepak Jungum Shah.

First up was Surya Kiran Lama, who sang Gopal Yonzon's Deshle Ragat Mage, which received good feedback for his vocals. Yuvraj Tiwari came next and sang a rocking number which was not received very well by the judges. Although he was praised for his presentation, he was advised to choose songs which would appeal to the whole nation.

Santosh Lama came to perform the evergreen hit Mero Topi by Gopal Yonzon and was appreciated by Tara Thapa for his song selection. He received good comments from other judges as well.

Raj Sagar performed Bhakta Raj Acharya's Jahaan Chhan Buddhakaa Aankhaa which touched the heart of everyone present. He received very good comments from the judges except Muralidhar who had a few suggestions up his sleeve for Sagar.

The only remaining participant among the top five of this year's Nepali Tara, Tara Laksham, sang Karna Das' Thulaa Thulaa Mahal Hoina, which was adjudged the best performance of the day.

Muralidhar gave a few suggestions to all the participants at the end, “I liked everyone's voice. All that everyone lacks is a lot of practice. So my suggestion is that if anyone wants to win in this competition, then they will need to put in a lot of practice.”

The show ended with a song from Satya Raj and Sworup Raj Acharya, sons of Bhakta Raj Acharya.

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